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Unit 4 B Prepositions of time

Unit 4 A How much do you know about celebrities?

Test yourself about these celebrities' real names!!!

Unit 4 A Possessive's

Unit 3 C Love Online

What do you think about love on social net such as Facebook, twitter,etc???

Let's watch a nice video about meeting somebody online:

Simple Present Story

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Simple Present Story 2

Who are they? Where are they? What do they do?

Stacy is a singer. She loves to sing. She is in a band. She sings in the band. She is the lead singer. Sometimes she plays the piano. 

Chad is Stacy's boyfriend. He is also in the band. He stands next to Stacy. He plays the electric guitar. Sometimes Chad sings with Stacy.

Dean is Chad and Stacy's friend. He is also in the band. He stands next to Chad. He plays bass guitar. Dean does not sing. He does not like to sing.

The band practices three times a week. They mostly perform at nightclubs. Sometimes they sing at weddings. They are a very good band.

A. Answer the following questions in your folder. Use the Simple Present tense.
 1. What does Stacy do in the band? How does Stacy feel about singing? _____________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________
 2. Who is Chad? What instrument does Chad play in the band? _____________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________
 3. Who is Dean? Where does the band mostly perform? _____________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________
C. Rewrite the story using contractions.